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Californians May Have a Chance to Block New Gun Control Laws

Barry Bahrami of Carlsbad filed Referendums late Friday to overturn the sweeping package of gun control bills signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown earlier this month, possibly stalling the laws until voters weigh in. The six unconstitutional laws, which take effect Jan. 1, ban the sale of semi-automatic rifles with magazines that can be […]

Mike Pence on the Second Amendment

Presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s campaign has indicated he’ll name the conservative governor of Indiana as his VP pick.  Anyone who supports religious freedom knows Pence’s name because of the legislation he’s signed into law during his term, but what are Mike Pence’s views on Second Amendment? He has earned “A” grade from the NRA for […]

The heart of Justice Scalia’s originalism

By John S. Baker – -April 14, 2015 (Washington Times) John Strand’s fascinating play, the Originalist, manages to humanize Justice Scalia for those who view him, in the play’s words, as a heartless monster. Beneath the Justice’s combative brilliance, the play shows him to be quite compassionate towards his far-left, lesbian law clerk. But the […]

Welcome To The Socialist Democracy Of America

Written by Jon DoubleTap Britton 25 March 2015 (Cold Dead Hands) “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ~ Abraham Lincoln The constitutional republic once known as The United States of America was conquered long ago and very few people […]

The Building of a Nation: 2nd Amendment History 101

Written by Patrick James Published: 11 March 2015 in (Cold Dead Hands)   What has the average American forgotten in regards to basic American history? Where should we start looking if we want to know true Founders intent when writing the documents that defined our Nation?  Why were they so adamant on maintaining the “right […]

ATF…The Alphabet Agency That Needs to Relearn Plain English

by Adam Kraut, Esq. | March 8, 2015 Over the past few weeks the internet has been on fire with articles, comments, petitions and information relating to ATF’s removal of SS109/M855’s (commonly known as “green tip”) exemption from being classified as armor piercing ammunition. This information came to light in ATF’s proposed framework to determine […]

The War of 1812 Dramatically Changed American People and Government

“Forget self and think of America,” wartime pundits urged. Part one: “How the War of 1812 Eroded U.S. Liberalism” As the War of 1812 with Great Britain approached during the Republican administration of James Madison, the War Hawks saw silver linings everywhere. “Republicans even came to see the war as a necessary regenerative act—as a […]

What if the Government Fears Freedom?

What if Bush and Obama have been wrong about the priority of their constitutional duties as president? What if the current massive spying on Americans began with an innocent secret executive order signed by President Reagan in 1986? What if Reagan contemplated that he was only authorizing American spies to spy on foreign spies unlawfully […]

“Black Lives Matter” or “How To Further Divide Us”?

Is our country continuing to do the “DC back-step” in regards to racial division?  It seems like some are further perpetuating the tensions we felt when our country finally stepped out of the dark ages and began the road to healing. For those of you who believe this new media-hyped nonsense, remember back just a […]

Why background checks don’t work

Psychologists and social scientists have long understood that people are inclined to stick to a belief even when they are presented with clear evidence that their belief is incorrect. In short, people are obstinate. Recent research has shown that this is not just a psychological issue, but also has a physiological basis. Our brains are […]